I'm Julia, a UX Researcher and Designer with a background in nonprofit management.

Helping frustrated clients navigate unintuitive and sometimes purposefully confusing websites and applications motivated me to switch careers. 

Now, I help organizations create accessible, user-centered products and experiences to engage their communities and customers.

Recent Work

Boston.gov Content Management System Improvements

I contributed accessibility guidance, comparative research, and Sketch prototypes to  team project improving employees' experiences.

Tough Mudder iOS App

With increasing competition and challenges, Tough Mudder needs to increase runner loyalty through communication and teamwork.

About Me

In a decade of nonprofit work, I've helped thousands of people understand and convey information. From planning a conference to fighting a high bill, bad design often made seemingly clear communication difficult.

We can do better by following inclusive, user-informed design practices.

While I loved working with community members, I switched careers to UX to help more people.


I'm particularly interested in accessibility and improving experiences of makers and crafters.

I'd love to hear about your next project and how I might help. Send me an email and we can chat!

Note on Accessibility:

I am committed to providing accessible experiences for all who use my projects, including this portfolio. However, I am still exploring best practices and methods for building inclusive websites and am still bringing this site up to standards as I learn. I am continuously working to improve my skills and appreciate any feedback by email.

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